Sony Xperia Z expected to release in March in US, Accessories Pop Up On Amazon

You know we talked about Kyocera Torque smartphone which was able to tough out all kind of storms, but Kyocera Torque was not a looker. However we have a better alternative, if you like dropping your sleek and stylish smartphone ocassionally in bathtubs and swimming pools or just like to put it in a glass full of water and watch the colors swril, Sony’s flagship Xperia series might just have the thing for you. Sony Xperia Z is a waterproof, dust-proof gadget which was released at CES 2013 held on January 8th along with its less tougher brother Xperia ZL . While we wait for both Xperia devices to get a release date and pricing in the US, a number of Xperia accessories have surfaced over the web.

Sony Xperia Z Sony Xperia Z expected to release in March in US, Accessories Pop Up On Amazon

You can buy hydrogel protective case, full body screen protector, full body stealth shields, fancy tags to hang on your phone, extra batteries and alternative casings on Amazon now. We know that there is not much use in collecting these if you do not have the actual Xperia Z in your hands, but the online availability of the accessories bodes well for an upcoming release in US. You can also buy some of these accessories to go with the previous versions of Xperia, if you own one or you might just collect these if you really want to be all prepared to jazz up the new Xperia, as soon as you get it.

Just a couple of weeks ago, sources confirmed that Xperia ZL will be up for release in Canadian markets in April of this year. Previously Xperia Z was expected to launch in Canada in the first quarter, however it seems that these expectations will be missed. Xperia Z will be coming to some of the major wireless carriers in Canada and a number of smaller carriers in Q2. There is no news as to when Xperia Z will come to Canada, the chances are that Sony will not launch Xperia Z there, March sounds like a good expected release date for Xperia Z in US.Sony has official web page that went live annoucing US launch of Xperia Z.

Sony itself confirmed that the device will go on sale in Germany on Feb 21, refuting the previously rumored launching date of Feb 28. It is also rumored that people in the rest of the European countries will be able to buy the Xperia smartphones around the same date. Xperia Z/ZL has been up for pre-orders in UK for some time now. Distributors like, Three, O2, Carphone Warehouseand Phones4U are taking preorders for the phone at varying contracts or single payments whereas Vodafone will start taking orders from Feb 28.

In terms of features, Xperia Z are true goodie bags. Both phones have a 5 inch screen with Full HD 1080p resolution. The gadgets run on quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processors, 2GB RAM and 13 MP camera. The new Xperias also pack 4G LTE and  NFC support features. These smartphones run on Jelly Bean Android 4.1 with strong expectations of upgrade to Android 4.2 platform. Sony has of course packed the Xperia Z with its proprietary Mobile Bravia Engine 2 display technology.

We will update you as soon as we get more information about availability and pricing in US, also the best discount pricing we can find online.Amazon is selling unlocked Sony Xperia Z online for $949

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  1. Currently, the xperia z is available unlocked in the us via amazon.

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